Speech Balloon Bottom-Mount

Bottom Mount Shelf Edge Speech Balloon Main

Bottom Mount Shelf Edge Speech Balloon DetailPithy blog post restrictions required a return visit to this fixture to talk about, not the Grip Clip Speech Balloon holder itself, but the Shelf-Edge Bottom Mount. Bottom-Mount fixtures attempt to keep the majority of the fixture tucked underneath, and out of the way. In this case the majority of the threaded fasteners are below where they do not interfere with merchandise (much) or snag customer sleeves. Still to someone like me with rampant OCPD, even the rounded bolt heads above shelf can cause items to sit askew and ruin the effect (Yes I am a but of a shelf-edge fussbudget). This and other under shelf mounts are necessary for heavy loads and usage. If your need is lighter duty, possibly consider a C-Channel Mount … or keep the Bottom-Mount and take prescription medication for the OCPD like I do. CLICK the thumbnail for a bottom detail view. See that the “nuts” are finger-tighten knurled threaded nylon. For Super-Duty strength and tool-free tightening, try Metal Wing Nuts.

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Grip Clip Adds Speech Balloon
Speech Balloon is Bottom-Mounted

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