Fiskars® Cuts Through Clutter

Package Wedge Offers Extra Selling Space Main

This corrugated wedge helped maintain stock stability and upright orientation in a Point-of-Purchase advertising display. But using it to promote the key selling point on white within the Fiskars Orange-branded promotion turned a structural need into a means of selling. Notice that your eye is drawn to it. The gear graphic further reinforces the feature and benefit. Trust Fiskars@ to know how to cut through the clutter. CLICK the gallery to step through views.

Scissor Display Offers Trial
Fiskars® Cuts Through Clutter” (This Post)
Steel Cable is Try-Me Tether

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Fiskars® Cuts Through Clutter” (This Post)
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Imitation Corrugated Cardboard Sign

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Fiskars® Cuts Through Clutter
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Color Coded Back Tags

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