Single-Unit, Full-Shelf Auto Feed

Gillette Art Deco Auto Feed

I could not resist publishing this archive photo, for I have always admired the design detail of the extra ribs traversing the tops of all lanes. The ribs project a hint of design artistry. I am sure they were designed to deter “sweeping” and the mass theft of merchandise. But I like them as extra  detail for this Single-Unit, Full-Shelf, Open Wire Auto Feed System.

Gillette Art Deco Auto Feed

The beauty of Full-Shelf Units is the ease of installation and built-in planogram enforcement. Just drop it on the shelf, stock, and go. Just imagine the amount of time and effort if individual lanes of fixture had to be spaced correctly and installed here for Gillette® shaving items.

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2 thoughts on “Single-Unit, Full-Shelf Auto Feed

  1. Hi Tony,

    How are you doing ?

    This material is manufactured by Trion?

    Thank you,


    Marcelo – Droid

    1. Actually it is a “Custom from Stock” variation on Wire Shelf Management Systems. Yes, Trion can supply, though most retailers are interested in componentized shell management that they install and tailor to their products and shelves. The advantage to this “single unit” is it drops right on the shelf, and is tailored to the products you specify in advance, locking in your planogramming and shelf presence.

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