GelPro® Soft Sell P-O-P

Some things are best not left to the imagination. Here GelPro® with slight decline lets you get a good glimpse and feel of their high-end floor mats for kitchen and work spaces. I see specialized GelPro point-of-purchase merchandising sprout only once a year, so grab it while you can get a good price. After that I can only find it on their website or in small aisle niches.

For Floor Mat sales see…
GelPro® Soft Sell Point-of-Purchase
Declined Carpet Samples
Downswept Doormat Display
A Duck Dynasty® Christmas
Flat Items Best Shown Declined
Beware!  Halloween Mats at Cashwrap

For Declined Display beyond Floor Mats see…
Declined Display Fixtures Pinterest Board“ visual summary
Declined Display Fixtures Index Page” for all resources

Declined Display Fixtures Pinterest Board for FixturesCloseUp

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