Body-Shape Guide for Apparel

Debenhams Body Shapes 440px
Images Courtesy of Debenhams and GreenRoom, UK

British retailer Debenhams® launched a new, visual body shape guide to help patrons pick the perfect outfit for their physique. How do I know? By relying on professional sources like the GreenRoom Blog for my United Kingdom news … as well as a continuing education retail advice. This re-broadcast of their post deserves a places of honor in my Get-The-Size-Right and Color-Coded Retail Amenity topic threads and posts. Get the news in detail direct from the GreenRoom at “Debenhams New Body Shape Guide Brings Real Beauty to High Street.” Then return to explore a few of my home-grown retail advisories below. CLICK the gallery for larger views of Debenhams Body Shape signage.

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Body-Shape Guide for Apparel
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Body-Shape Guide for Apparel
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