Knurled-Knob Waterfall Hook

Knurled Knob Mount Waterfall Hook WholeFoods
Images repurposed from Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions

Knurled Knob Mount Waterfall Hook WholeFoods AuxRare and rarer still, this find of a Knurled-Knob-Mount Waterfall Hook in a Wholefoods® store. Not where I might go first for breakthroughs in apparel fixtures. This one markets T-shirts, sold on sustainable, recyclable Ditto® Sustainable Clothes Hangers. I focus on the fixture here, but the recyclable clothes hangers are a story unto themselves. Check them out as a means to a Greener store and planet. And after researching, I believe to be the Puckwall® display system by Wind Mill Slatwall.

EDITORS NOTE: No remuneration was involved in creation of this post. I just happen to believe in sustainability and like the hanger and hook system designs shown. If you’d like additional coverage of these topics give this post a “Like” or fire off a supportive email.

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