Frank Lloyd Wright Slatwall

Dashwall Frank Lloyd Wright Slatwall Design
Image Courtesy of Wind Mill Slatwall

If Frank Lloyd Wright designed slatwall for retail, this would be it. The concept was a “must have” for my Slatwall Patterns thread, so I begged Wind Mill Slatwall Products for the background on this DashWall® creation. Their overview was: “The Frank Llyod Wright panel was designed as a copy of a FLW window.  It’s produced with maple wood veneer, carved and stained to show the light and dark features of the design.  The CNC routing creates the dashes and configurations of the grooves.  The grooves are standard T-Wing shaped.  The whole panel is framed in cherry.  This makes a nice feature panel, backdrop panel, or specific merchandiser for product that calls for a high end designer backdrop look and feel.” Do know that the verticals are CNC  Slatwall Channels in addition to the horizontals, I asked.

EDITORS NOTE: I confess that Frank Lloyd Wright is my favorite architect and I have replicas of his renderings and cast concrete sculptures in my house. So forgive me all the more if I step out of character and profile a specific manufacturer’s work in my enthusiasm for the designer. No remuneration was involved in this post.

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