Robert Graham® Oversize S-Hooks

Robert Graham S-Hooks Main 2

Robert Graham S-Hooks AuxWith the brilliant color arrays offered by Robert Graham®, these oversize S-Hooks offer a quick way to display the length and breadth of offerings. Often I have seen S-Hook displays like this touting rows of denim jeans in all the same shade of Idego, though different cuts. That use calls out for attention to the category from a distance. Here the S-Hooks allow inspection and shopping close up. CLICK the thumbnail to see the in-store effect.

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Robert Graham® Oversize S-Hooks
Robert Graham® Branded Water
Robert Graham® Books Second Place
Robert Graham® Signature Fixturing
Robert Graham® Branded Finial
Robert Graham® Focus on Sunglasses
Fitting Room by Robert Graham®
Rober Graham® Hooks in Color
Drop-in New Arrivals Sign

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