Endless KitchenAid® Possibilities

Kitchen Aid Mixer Main

The marketing thrust a good one … One Mixer, Endless Possibilities. The display layout reasonable, bolstered by use of a restaurant-quality Metro® work table. But for my tastes the add-on accessories seem to be designed independently, lack a branded cohesion, and come across as a jumble. Selling each individually would satisfy a shopper need at one particular moment in time. Selling all to the committed kitchenist might fare better if they looked like they belonged together. Pardon me KitchenAid®. I know they all do different tasks and form follows function, at least matching materials might have added coherence. I did very much like the photo series, where the mixer added the point of commonality. Pardon the critique, which I normally try to avoid. I must have had breakfast on the wrong side of the Kitchen this morning. CLICK through the gallery for individual looks.

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