Slim Jim® Beef Jerky Auto-Feed

Beef Jerky by the Family Pack

Beef Jerky in the Snack Aisle AuxBeef Jerky and similar have graduated from hunter’s subsistence and truck-stop-grab-and-go to mainline snack. Note the broad selection of brands, flavors, meats and even pure organic. This was a prominent store-within-store display in the snack aisle so there must be money to be made in Jerky. CLICK the thumbnail to see that the store-in-store destination was defined by Bar and Tray Auto Feed Fixture between standard gondola shelf units. Tray Auto Feed allowed auto facing, forwarding and billboarding of both bags and gusseted packs. I should have studied the display closer in-store. I might have decided to try the Slim Jim® Steakhouse selection.

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