Perforated Extender in Metal

“Extenders” (most often “Pegboard Extenders” as defined on FixturesCloseUp usually position a display surface forward so that long-handled items can hang behind. This panel’s overall shape does not offer much advantage in that regard, but it does position a new display surface forward of the slatwall. This would be a nice way to focus attention on small sub-displays among the larger background field of Slatwall. CLICK the thumbnail for mount details via Slatwall Pin-Up Hook. Remember that not all Peg Hooks fit Perforated Metal so check the spec or get samples before you outfit your extender.

For vertical surface “Extenders“ by title…
Perforated Extender Panel in Metal
Extender Outfits Entire Length of Aisle
Traditional Pegboard Extender
Modern Pegboard Extender
Wire Basket Extender
Overhead Hook Merchandising
Extender with Guarded Multi-Hook
Pegboard Extender Naked
Extension-Pole Display Extender
Periscope Hooks Expand Display

Vertical Surface (A.K.A. Pegboard) Extenders …
Extenders: Vertical Surface Display“ Pinterest Board
Vertical Surface Extenders” Index Page

Vertical Surface Extender Pinterest Board

For square- and diamond-holed Perforated Metal see…
Perforated Extender Panel in Metal
Square Perforated Metal, Riveted Hook
Loop Hook for Square Hole
Hook Styles for Square Perfed Metal
Round Faceout Fits Square Hole
Mickey Mouse® Square-Perf Tray

For all Perforated Metal resources see…
Perforated Metal Pinterest Board“ for a visual summary.
Perforated Metal Index Page” for all resources and links

Perforated Metal Pinterest Board for FixturesCloseUp

For Pin-Up Hook resources see…
Pin-Up Hooks Pinterest Board”  for a visual summary.
Pin-Up Hooks Index Page” for all resources and links.

Pin-Up Hooks Pinterest Board for FixturesCloseUp

For Blue Fixtures resources see…
Blue Fixtures Pinterest Board“ for a visual summary.
Blue Fixtures Index Page” for all resources and links

Blue Fixtures In Retail Pinterest Board Fixtures Close Up

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