McQueen® Brands Razor Blades


Alexander McQueen Razor Blade Scarf and Attention Compeller

Alexander McQueen Razor Blade Scarf1To my eye, Razor Blades are a new edgy theme (pun intended) for Alexander McQueen®. I originally came for the interlocking-circle attention compeller, but stayed for the new apparel design. I wonder what segment of consumer culture the razor blade is designed to appeal to? Razor blade as drug paraphernalia leapt to mind … but then cutting might also be the unspoken subtext, and an extension of the dark McQueen skull themes. My involvement with drugs faded when the Owsley brand of LSD was ruined by knock-offs and poor quality imitators, so I no longer can even say a razor blade is paraphernalia of choice in its application. Damn good for cutting I would think, but tricky to carry in pocket or purse.

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