Belt Block Plimsoll Lines

Belt Boards and Blocks Perspective

Belt Boards and Blocks FrontalFar shorter than “board” or “planks,” what else could these be than Belt Blocks? They demonstrate that a creative visual merchandising mind can produce a display from the most ordinary materials. Do see the fine wood grain and pattern which suggests to me a better hardwood. And the edges have more rounding than if straight from the lumber yard, so these were rather purposely made. The horizontal demarcations suggested to me Plimsoll Lines.

Compare and contrast…
Belt Block Plimsoll Lines
Louis Vuitton Vertical Belt Loops
Belts Loop Vertically
Belts Loop Vertically Redux
Anatomical Implications for Belts
Plush Bolster as Belt Displayer
Belts: No Hourglass Waist Here

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