Belt Buckles by 90º Bar Hook

Here the goal is not so much maximizing retail density as to project an upscale image, and allow the eye to focus on the merchandise, providing “negative space” in a visual layout. Though these belt buckles are not true works of art, the metal bar-mount display does strive to elevate them above the average.  But once again my fixture OCPD (Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder) kicks in, as I notice different depth saddle-mount backplates, different height frontwire 90 degree upturns, and the slight visual jog of varying frontwire elevations.  These inconsistencies are hardly noticeable in such a loose display. But were the display tightened, and items displayed should-to-shoulder, these variations could become visually disturbing and reduce subconsciously perceived value of the buckles.  Still, OCPD aside, a beautiful display with marvelously subtle mood lighting.

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