The Beauty of Circular Bins

Circular Bins

Circular Bins CloseUp AuxTo me the beauty of circular bins lies in their rounded nature and ability to naturally direct traffic around themselves. Even an actual collision is far more likely to be a glancing blow. When the rounded surface becomes difficult to read (as in the red liveried bin at right) this design augments promotional capability with a flat surfaced sign above. CLICK the thumbnail for a closeup view.

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2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Circular Bins

  1. There’s a certain purity to circular bins. I like to think that if everything could be merchandised this way then brands, retailers and possibly consumers would rejoice.

    For every convoluted retail display ramrodded through the system by a misguided, overly zealous sales or marketing manager who thinks all their product ills will be solved via an “innovative” new display replete with monitors, floor graphics and LED’s, there is a circular dump bin of $2.99 DVDs that people primitively hunt and peck through like refugees fresh off of a boat somewhere.

    The first questions before starting any retail display project should be: “do we really need a display? Can we just put the stuff on the floor and open the box? Will a giant open bin suffice?”

    Cheers for keeping it real un-loved circular bin.

  2. Thanks for a very professional commentary and review. I maintain several threads on curved, circular and round carousel fixtures under the INDEX PAGE and PINTEREST BOARD menus above. They may give you something to do on a rainy day. Enjoy, Chris. 🙂

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