TJMaxx® Spear-Catcher

TJMaxx Welcomes Comments Main

TJMaxx Welcomes Comments Manager Bus CardThis TJMaxx “We welcome comments” puts a much more positive spin on incidents than “voice your complaint here.” And adding even more to the expression of interest in the customer, is the name and number of who you can hit on … for help, a favor, that suggestion, or an actually tongue-lashing. See that the card is not pre-printed … allowing rotation of the designated spear-catcher for the day … the person designated to take the hit for the team. Careful. Burnout rate for the job of Spear Catcher may be high.

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TJMaxx® Spear Catcher

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TJMaxx® Spear Catcher

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TJMaxx® Spear Catcher
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Unrivaled Cosmetics Support
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Fresnel Lens as Upscale Magnifier
Old Customers, New Needs
Magnifying Glass at Shelf Edge
Burberry Steam Punk Watch Display
Imitation Corrugated Cardboard Sign
Truly Friendly Store Navigation

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