USPS Land of Free Boxes

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Selling Family of Boxes Aux CompjpgThis USPS “Land of Free Boxes” in-house display allows one to easily judge the size of the container necessary for your shipping need. The boxes are free, but deliver is not the display promotes delivery service. Still Flat Rate is a quick and easy solution. Custome box-holding hooks outfit the display, and allow easy dismount of any box for inspection. A great design concept, but recognize that each hook is custom for a single box size. Can you propose a solution that uses stock fixtures that would hold any of these boxes? CLICK the thumbnail for details of the hookery. CKICK the gallery for various overviews.

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Top-Stopped Box Holder Hook

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USPS Land of Free Boxes
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Amenities Getting Size Right FixturesCloseUp Pinterest Board

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USPS Land of Free Boxes
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Top-Stopped Box Holder Hook
Rack Violates Rule of Tangency

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USPS United States Postal Service Pinterest Board

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