Stick-on Slide-in Straight Entry

Small adhesive stick-on display hooks are not unknown, often finding use in the merchandising of small costume jewelry. But this 2-piece stick-on hook offers the features of a straight entry hook … the front slides into the backplate. A straight entry hook allows attachment in tight places, among fully loaded items on the display, and tight under overhangs such as shelves.  The full rationale for a miniature, stick-on Straight-Entry Butterfly Hook like this is not completely clear. But it is an unusual find for a collector of fixture photos.

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2 thoughts on “Stick-on Slide-in Straight Entry

    1. Hi Tracy. This was on the mirrored surface of a costume jewelry display island spinner at the end of the seasonal merchandise aisles of a comprehensive, well-respected grocery chain. It was inexpensive merchandise. The glue on hook base was unusual. I hope this helps.

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