Popbar® Au Naturale

Popbar Naked Main
Image Courtesy of the Pinterest Boards of Gabrielle Rosi and Popbar®

Popbars Naked Overall AuvWith modern life so dependent upon packaged food, even packaged produce, it is almost a shock to see Popbar® Ice Pops and Ice Cream Bars au natural. But if baked goods, meat and fish can lounge around their display cases naked, why not handcrafted Popbars? See the wide ranging choices, flavors, coatings, and colors. The single common element are the ubiquitous wood popsicle sticks.

Compare and contrast…
Popbar® Au Naturale
Tiffany Ice Cream Cone Window
Japanese Ice Cream Flavors
Individual Serving Wire Baskets
Curbs as Shelf Dividers
Recycling Ice Cream Cones

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