Nespresso® Branded Shelf Overlay

Nespresso Branded Shelf Overlay
Nespresso Branded Shelf Overlay

Nespresso Branded Shelf Overlay AuxThough plastic, these Nespresso branded shelf overlays had an almost metallic sheen addend to the perceived value of an already respected name. They were but part of an overall Nespresso sponsored Endcap display. But trying to remain true to my mission, I resisted being distracted and focused on a fixture aspect. CLICK the thumbnail for a second overlay theme.

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Nespresso® Branded Shelf Overlay” (This Post)
Fantini® Nespresso® Flavor Colors
Nespresso® Courtesy Color Array

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Nespresso® Branded Shelf Overlay” (This Post)
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Shelf Overlay Style Markers
Metro® Plug-Ins in White
Overlay Gutter Try-Me Offer
Glass Shelf Overlay Sale Talker
Shelf Overlay Full Label Strip
Size Guidance on Shelf Overlay
Shelf Overlay Seen From a Distance
Inseam Size as Visual Footnote
Shelf Overlay Has Built-in Riser
Glass Shelf Overlay Offers Pricing Sign
Shelf Overlay Label Holder for Sizes
Shelf Overlay Includes C-Channel
Empty Box Sells Full Box
Metro Cart as Welcome Wagon with Wire Shelf Overlay
Perforated Pallet Rack Overlay
Grid Open-Wire Shelf Employs Overlay
Theme-the-Shelf Overlay Wallpaper
Anti-Skid Equipped Shelf Overlay
Swing-Up Signage for Shelf
Hinged Shelf Overlay

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Faux Wood Shelf Overlay Curves
Wood-Grain Shelf Overlay Curves
Faux Wood Straight Shelf Overlay
Wood Shelf Overlay for Metro®

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Wood Shelf Overlay for Metro®
The Cellar in 3D
KitchenAid® Endless Possibilities
French Bull® Not Dazzle-Disaster
Shot Glass in Margaritaville
Ninja® Blender Imitates Life

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Back-to-School Break Essentials
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No-Frills Coffee Merchandising

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