Kohler® Porcelain As Physical Color Samples

Kohler Porcelain Color Samples 3 Main
Kohler Porcelain Color Sample Fidelity In-Store

Kohler Porcelain Bathroom SinksAnyone involved in color, color reproduction, or cursed with an eye-for-color knows the difficulty of reproducing a specific shade and hue from one material or color model into another color space. Go ahead, you figure out how to get a Munsell® Color to reproduce in RGB three-color, CMYK four-color, spot color, or some other system. Kohler® addresses the challenge of color-picky clients with Porcelain Samples of its Porcelain Sink finishes and Colors. Now even my wife won’t be shocked when our new Kohler Sing arrives and she says “Itdoesn’t match the brochure or website, but its just like in the store!” Take that ToTo.

PS: So as not to start a brand war, know that we have both Kohler® and ToTo® fixtures as outfitting thoroughout our abode. Dornbracht®, Fantini®, Neo-Metro® and more too if you’d like an inventory. In fact we are featured on Neo-Metro’s Pinterest Board. If you need a roadside rest stop traveling in our region you are invited to visit and see how these brands combine in Black, Grey, Red, Lime Green, Stainless, and Chrome bath environs. And no all those colors are not in a single bath. That might be a little much even for us.

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