SnowSlider® Bulk Binned

SnowSlider Sled Bulk Binned Main
SnowSlider Sled Bulk Binned

SnowSlider Sled LogoToo big for a shelf, too tall to stand on its own, a sloping-side Bulk Bin seemed the best solution for SnowSlider Sled sales. But an irregular outline and “Dazzle Paint” color scheme conspired to camouflage and make the merchandise difficult to discern. Loved the design and colors, just wish one or more could have been shown in recognizable, horizontal orientation. CLICK the thumbnail for a closeup of the Snowslider Brand Logo.

Follow sled outfitting at…
SnowSlider® Bulk Binned
Sled Sale – Snow Not Included
Snow Disk Slung Side-Saddle

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SnowSlider® Bulk Binned
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