Bentley® Branding One-upmanship

Bentley Branded Main
Bentley Branding One-Upmanship at The Mall Concourse

Not only has this Bentley® taken a Mall Concourse location previously occupied by a Rolls Royce®, the winged “B” hood ornament does battle with Roll’s “Spirit of Ecstasy” for market top-of-mind recognition. Both brands reached sales peaks for 2014 so I guess there is enough of a market to share among only limited numbers of Bentleys and Rolls produced. I wish that was the case in my industry. CLICK through the gallery and see at what point you recognize the hood ornament is not that of the Rolls you might have expected. One-upmanship indeed.

Compare and contrast…
Bentley® Branding One-upmanship” (This Post)
Rolls Royce® Shopping at the Mall

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Bentley® Branding One-upmanship” (This Post)
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Monticello® Lay-Up Model at Mall
Gas Pump Sanitizer Breakthrough
Pump Nozzle Door Handle

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Rolls Royce® Shopping at the Mall
Designer Tardis at Short Hills Mall
Fire Extinguisher for Sophisticates
Drop-Shadow Fire Extinguisher
Mall-Wide Gift Card Reader
Monticello® Lay-Up Model at Mall
Selling the Race Car Not the Track
Immersive Video, Free Follow-Up
Do-Not-Touch Exercise Equipment
Out-of-Home Opt-In at the Mall
Mall-Wide Gift Card Reader
Mall Charger Station
Transformer® Mall Change Machine
Mall-sized Sanitizer Station
Mixed Signal Welcome in Retail
QR Code for Narcs
Nature-Insired Retail Seating
Diamonds: Go Big or Go Home
Callout Card ≠ Calling Card
Book as Bench
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Turtle Riding at the Mall
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Anti Amenity: Don’t Sit Here.

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