Suction Cup Strategy Kit

Clip Strip Suction Cup Sampler 550
Clip Strip Suction Cup Sampler Kit

Clip Strip Suction Cup Wand AuxNothing makes a person’s day like getting free samples in the mail. Case in point, today’s arrival of a Suction Cup Sampler Kit from Clip Strip Corporation. I had never seen so many different types of suction cups as on their website. With a click of my mouse I asked, and now I have one of each in my hot little hands. But how and where to field test? If I bring the Suction Cups, will you invite me to your store to see how many ways we can find to use them? Maybe we can write a joint professional paper for presentation to the Association for Retail Environments? See the selection above, and select closeups below. Need to know what they are capable for doing, visit or call Clip Strip.® CLICK the thumbnail at right for details on how.

EDITORS NOTE: No remuneration is involved in creation of FixturesCloseUp posts.  I do not publish Product Releases directly, but if you have an unusual fixture use in retail, my 100,000+ annual visitors might be interested. Fire off an email to me. I am happy to provide my readers with ideas and choices.

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