Glass Pedestal Merchandises Itself

Glass Pedestal Sink Self Merchandising 1
Glass Pedestal Sink Self-Merchandising

Glass Pedestal Sink Self Merchandising 2In retail a pedestal is used to elevate and focus attention on a “hero” product. This Glass Sink comes equipped with its own glass pedestal allowing compelling self-merchandising right from the get-go. But careful of waste pipe finish and placement in-house. And the fact that an all glass sink might require significant attention to keep clean. Good thing you just hired that maid, right? CLICK the thumbnail for a second look. See that the latest, greatest, roboticisized ToTo® Neo toilet is the nearest neighbor. Since the ToTo can actually wash the human anatomy, maybe it could be trained to maintain sink cleanliness as well.

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Glass Pedestal Merchandises Itself
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Glass Pedestal Merchandises Itself
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