Phillips® Toothbrush Tethers

Toothbrush Anti-Theft Main

This began as a report on the tethering of toothbrushes until I noticed that the Point-of-Purchase signage promoted Oral-B®, Phillips®, Sonicare® and Waterpick® in one breath. All unit bases were stamped Phillips®. Has Phillips cornered the market on automated oral hygiene? Interestingly the toothbrushes did not operate … which I would have thought the purpose of such a display, to allow in-aisle visual inspection of the operation. Maybe the designers deemed the temptation to actually brush would be too, too much. Either that or screwing on the tether pierces vital components. CLICK the gallery to step though views.

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For Tethers and Lanyards by Title…
Phillips® Toothbrush Tethers
Anti-Theft Key Lock Box
Hooked on Clearance Sales
Cable-Tethered Jeans Not for Sale
Magnum® Pliers Try-Me
Kobalt® Triple-Teather Anti-Theft
Tie-It-Yourself In-Store Aid
Kobalt® Tool Color-Coded Try-Me
Rug Docter® Branded Anti-Theft
Eye Test Built into the Fine Print
Staples® Pick Card To-Go
Triple Your Shelf Edge Impact
Balloons Lift Merchandise Sales
Steel Cable is Try-Me Tether
How to Drink Scotch®
Fresnel Lens Store Fixture
Selling Sunglasses on a Leash
Coupon Book Anti-Theft Lanyard
More Amazing Scotch®

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Phillips® Toothbrush Tethers
Cable-Tethered Jeans Not for Sale
No Hoodies Allowed” Retailing
Security Mirror as Wall Clock
Nutri-Bullet® Security Lock-down
Master Lock® as GoPro® Anti-Theft
OtterBox® On Double Lockdown
OtterBox® Screwed
3 Anti-Theft Strategies Compared
OTC Safer Box as Prilosec Anti-Theft
Anti-Theft for Patio Furniture
How to Thwart Locking Loop Hooks
Locking All-Wire Loop Hooks
Selling Sunglasses on a Leash
Anti-Theft Obscures Apple Brand
More Apple® Brand Obscurity
Selling Sunglasses on a Leash
Display Shouts ‘Don’t Buy’
Bulbous Nose Bridge Eyewear Anti-Theft
Impenetrable Louis Vuitton Anti-Theft
Cage Doubles Theft Protection?
Double Locking Theft Protection
Anti-Planogram Anti-Theft Hook
Handcrafted Anti-Sweep Hook
Zip Tie Security Hooks
Anti-Theft Fixture Fails in Slatwall
Anti-Amenity: Don’t Trespass or Sit Here
Anti-Homeless Spikes for Retail
Shelf-Top Anchor for Floor Lamps
Anti-Theft Window Dressing

Compare and contrast anti-personnel fixtures…
Three-To-a-Bench Seating Limit
Anti-Homeless Spikes for Retail
Anti-Amenity: Don’t Trespass or Sit Here

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Anti Theft Turnoffs Pinterest Board on Fixtures Close Up

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