Endless Basket In Steep Decline

Declined Endless Basket Oupright Keeper Aux
Declined Endless Basket Oupright Mount and Keeper

Declined Endless Basket Oupright Keeper RightEndless Basket offers the flexibility of Normal Horizontal Mount or Declined Gravity Feed Mount seen here. Endless Basket nstallation can be flat on existing gondola shelves, hung from Pin-Up Hooks or Keepers on Pegboard or Slatwall, or in this case, mounted to the Gondola Upright. This Endcap example seemed wider than the typical 3’ or 4’ Endless Basket Unit, and featured a Decline much steeper than I am familiar with. Then again, maybe I just had my iPhone camera in a strange Fisheye Lense Mode that threw off the look. Damn, wish I had noticed in store so I could have measured sizes and angles. A nice installation, in any regard. See the thumbnail for a close look at the Upright Mount.

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