NARS® Dazzle-Paint Spokesmodel

NARS Laced With Edge Detail
NARS Spokesmodel Laced With Edge

The image preserves the beauty while the angular dazzle-paint black overlay communicate the “edginess” of NARS® cosmetics. The “Laced with Edge” positioning statement also ties to similar lace-like white overlays on NARS packaging. CLICK the thumbnail and gallery for other views. See the edgy treatment of the NARS logo and branding across multiple items in the tightest gallery shot.

Follow the brand at…
NARS® Cosmetics Mirrored and Laced
NARS® Branded Cosmetics Amenities
NARS® Dazzle-Paint Spokesmodel
NARS® Cosmetics Pyramid Pack

Compare and contrast…
NARS® Dazzle-Paint Spokesmodel
Chanel Brand as Art Personified
Fashion Forward Facial QR
Mannequin Facial In-Store

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