Delta® TP Claim to Fame

Delta Branded Toilet Paper Holder Main
Delta Branded Toilet Paper Holder Claim to Fame

Delta, famous for faucets, now gets you coming and going with this Branded designer Toilet Paper Holder. At first I was inspecting the display Branding … Delta Logo on lozenge-shape gloss surface against a field of duller, mat black material. When your name is FixturesCloseUp, details like this matter. But well-thought-out design extended to the Toilet Paper Holder itself, which opens in an intriguing fashion … a far more intriguing, articulated fashion than my flat, two-dimensional photos show. If the point-of-purchase aspects don’t interest you, I nevertheless urge you to visit your local Kitchen and Bath Showroom to consider the Toilert paper Holder. Nice job in all respects, Delta.

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Delta® Toilet Paper Claim to Fame
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