FixturesCloseUp 12 Month Trends

FixturesCloseUp 12 Month Traffic Trend, March 2015
FixturesCloseUp 12 Month Traffic Trend, March 2015
FixturesCloseUp Avatar
FixturesCloseUp Avatar

Its been a good 12 months for FixturesCloseUp traffic and readership. Informational improvements have been added like a well-ranked Pinterest site for quick and easy visual perusal. CATEGORY, TAG and KEYWORD ranges have been expanded. Additional photos are now near standard even in the simplest Fixture reviews. For help in using the Resources of FixturesCloseUp access the “How to Use” Menu at top. To monitor remotely see “How to Share and Follow.” For lists of topical threads try the Index Page and Pinterest Menus. Additional improvements are planned. If you’d like to fund and become the site sponsor you’ll find a wealth of investment data under “Site for Sale” above.

For famous followers of FixturesCloseUp see…
Lady Gaga Follows FixturesCloseUp
Kangol Follows FixturesCloseUp Pinterest

For FixturesCloseUp Accomplishments over time see…
FixturesCloseUp 12 Month Trends
Skip Globalshop is Front Page News
Skip GlobalShop, Gain 12% Web Traffic
FixturesCloseUp Top Linked-In Profile
34,500 FixturesCloseUp February Views
41,472 FixturesCloseUp Pinterest Interactions
FixturesCloseUp February Brightens
Now 5,000 Fixture Posts + 10,100 Pins Strong
FixturesCloseUp January’s 2015 Best Traffic Stats
FixturesCloseUp Daily Traffic Peak; 1,624
FixturesCloseUp Daily Traffic Peak: 1,555
1,000,000 FixturesCloseUp Page Views

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Retail Fixtures Statistics Index Page

For estimates of website valuation see…
FixturesCloseUp Assets

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