Euro Fixture: Balloon Branding in Green

Euro Fixture Balloon Decor Main''
Euro Balloons Branded Images Courtesy of CAEM, Italy

Euro Fixture Balloon Decor AUXI frequently see balloons and inflatables scattered about America retail. This Euro approach is more decor throughout the store, matching and complimenting corporate colors in green and yellow (see green structural elements left and on far wall). Difficulat to isolate visually from a distance, green and yellow balloons nevertheless make the aisle festive and branded. CLICK the thumbnail and gallery for various views.

EDITOR’S NOTE: FixturesCloseUp presents hardware information of interest to retailers and point-of-purchase designers regardless of source. No remuneration was involved in the publication of this post. Images Courtesy of CAEM Shelf Engineering, Italy.

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For Inflatables as fixtures and point-of-purchase see…
Euro Fixture: Balloon Branding in Green
St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Inflatable
R2D2 Droid Inflatable
Wedding Dress Inflatable In-store
Eager Cashwrap Balloon Sales
Binder Clip Cashwrap Balloons
Inflatable Elf on a Shelf
Inflatable Stove-Top Turkey
Party Zone Touch Down
Football Sponsored Party Zone
Wedding Dress Inflatable
Halloween Dragon Inflatable
Impossible Stack of Pumpkins
Halloween Spiders from Mars
Halloween Hello Kitty®
Witch Way Halloween Directional
Balloons Lift Merchandise Sales
Balloon Figure Merchandising
Balloon Man Concierge
Louis Vuitton Playful Signage
Louis Vuitton Balloon Signage Revisited
High Flying Crab Inflatable
Fat Turkey as Floating Fixture
Kosher Balloons for Passover?
Luscious Balloon Watermelon
Balloons as Produce Signs
Lighthouse Potato Chip Inflatable
Old Navy Balloons Just For Fun
Goodyear Blimp as Point-of-Purchase

For Balloon retail sales fixtures see…
Balloon Tree in Floral
Ceiling Corral for Balloons
Ring Hook Balloon Anchorage
Balloon One-Up at Cashwrap
Display Hook for Helium Balloons

Contrast balloons with…
Frosty Coke® is 3D

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Euro Fixture™ Mitered Gondola in Red” (Line Apr 8, 12 Noon)
Euro Fixture™ Mitered Gondola in White” (Live Apr 8, 11 AM)
Euro Fixture™ Mitered Gondola in Green” Live Apr 8, 9 AM)
Euro Fixture™ Saddle-Mount Rounded Bar” (Live Apr 6, 12 Noon)
Euro Fixture™ Double Periscope Hook” (Live Apr 7, 9 AM)
Euro Fixture™ Night Vision Branding” (Live Apr 6, 12 Noon)
Euro Fixture™ Proof of Concept Green” (Live Apr 6, 9 AM)
Euro Fixture: Balloon Branding in Green
Euro Fixture™ Stackable Safety Signs
RubberMaid® Pop-Up Safety Cone
Euro Fixture: Arched Wood Bins
Euro Fixture: Bulk Binned Beans
Euro Fixture™ Flip-Front Labels
Euro Fixture: Meat Hook Merchandising
Euro Fixture™ Digital Ticket Flip Front
Euro Fixture™ Digital Ticket Enclosures
Euro Fixture™ Open Wire vs Open Wood
Euro Fixture® Wood Spindled Outfitting
Euro Fixture™ Continental Cart Park
Euro Fixture™ Cashwrap Schlagbaum
Euro Fixture™ ConsecutiveGondola Curves
Euro Fixture™ Serpentine Gondola
Euro Fixtures: Beverage Way Station
Euro Fixture™ Bungee-Corded Bottles
Euro Fixture™ Wine Tasting Barrel
Euro Fixture™ Mood Lighting Plush
Euro Fixture™ Short-Selling Plush
Euro Fixture™ Maison Cousu Ribbons
Euro Fixture™ Button Merchandising
Euro Fixture™ Couture Roll Goods
Euro Fixture™ Fabric Bolts
Euro Fixture™: Maison Cousu Cashwrap
Euro Fixture: Yarn Skien Ledges
Euro Fixture™: Flip-Front Hooks
Euro Fixture™: Hooked Loops
Euro Fixture™: Pet Pillow
Euro Fixtures™ Articulated Metal Tag for Labels
Euro Fixtures™ Metric Meets Imperial Fixtures
Euro Fixtures™ Imported Italian Endcap
Euro Fixtures™ Every-Inch-Counts Retail Facing
Euro Fixtures™ Flexicart® Euro Shopping Trolley
Euro-Style Banana Hooks
Euro Slatwall Channel Inserts in Color
Euro Fixtures™ Metric & Imperial Spec Compliant
FixturesCloseUp Scoops EuroShop

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For more Green Fixturing by Title
Euro Fixture: Balloon Branding in Green
Euro Fixture™ Proof of Concept Green
Soft Shades of Green Pegboard
St. Patrick’s Day Bangers
St. Patrick’s Cooler Sign Stands
Vicks® and NyQuil® Cap Brand Relief
St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Inflatable
Garden Bench Fencing In-Store
Gain a Sign, Lose A Facing
Top- and Side-Header Sign Combo
Happy You Year
Flannel Sari Says Winter
Lindt Lindor Shelf Overlay
Top-Gift Shelf Overlay
Macy’s® QR Outreach in Color
Sprouts® Brand Sprouts Pouches
Lefroy Brooks® Steam Punk Branded Control
Retail Rest Area IED Warning
Tailgate Party by Pallet Load
Football Goal Post Illusion
Selling Robots by the Pallet Load
Target® Xmas Buck Stops Here
Ralph Lauren Kayak-in-a-Corner
Boot Buy Green Light
Fall-Spring In-Store Directional
Lefroy-Brooks® Steam Punk Valve
Handing Out Shoes
Handing Out Purses
Sesame Sprinkles Bread Basket
Corer Props The Apple
Grass Grows Greener in Retail
Kobalt® Brand Hooks Go Green
DuraCell® Multi-Channel Branding
Neiman Marcus® Green Dragonfly
Fitting Room By Any Other Name
Staples® New Product Shelf Tent
IKEA® New Tags Stitched in Place
Color-Blocked Perforated Purse
Silent-Spokesmodel Dress Form
Recycling in Stainless Steel
Fantini® Boffi Floor Faucet
Nesting Summer Lawn Spreaders
Green Multi-Strip Brands Department
Fabric Bins With Corner Ties
Better Retail Through Chemistry
IKEA Pillow Carousel
Green Display on a Curve
IKEA® Clothes-Pinned Pillows
John Bartlett® Branded Pet Skirt
BCBG Glass Blowers Delight
Cow and Pig Home Delivery QR Code
Jeremy Tarian® Color Sync
Divot Repair Kits for Kids
Three-Tiers of Top-Mounts
Magnetic Up-and-Over Shelf Edge Mount
Coach® Eyewear Back Tag Promo
Anti-slouch Frame Holders
Sabotage by a Gift Card Grinch
Hitachi® Branding Goes Green
Niche Marketing Chocolate in Green
Corner-Stopped Pegboard Hook
Carding Ribbon for Display Hook
Plastic-Powered Corrugated Display
Old-World Shelf Extender
Pantone Emerald 2013 Color of the Year ”
Color Category Branding by Aisle
Green Grid Hosts Grey All Wire Hook
Lime Green Pegboard Substitute
Euro Slatwall Channel Inserts in Color
Pastel Display Hooks on Green Slatwall

For Greens of a more natural shade see…
Floor-Stand Bud Vases
Topiary Sign at Victoria’s Secret®
Spring Bicycle Makeover
Fresh Fruit as Perfume Prop
Evergreen Fashions for Xmas

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