Middle-East Fixtures™ Arabic SuperMarket Decor

Middle East Morrish Pergola Main
Arabic Fixture™ Middle-East Pergola SuperMarket Decor Courtesy of CAEM Shelf Engineering, Italy

Middle East Morrish Pergola Main

How do you turn a Western-style Supermarket into a Middle Eastern Bazaar? Arabic Pergola can do it. This state-of-the-art Grocery design is the work of Euro Fixture CAEM of Italy, but was built in Oman. Do allow me some literary license, for I can’t in good conscience call this 100% Arabic in design. CLICK the Main Image and Thumbnail to enlarge. CLICK the gallery to step through additional views.

EDITOR’S NOTE: FixturesCloseUp presents hardware information of interest to retailers and point-of-purchase designers regardless of source. No remuneration was involved in the publication of this post. Images Courtesy of CAEM Shelf Engineering, Italy.

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Middle-East / Euro Fixture™  Arabic  Pergola
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