Euro Fixture: Coffin Case Cooler Median Shelves

Coffin Cooler Median Shelf Images Courtesy of CAEM, Italy
Coffin Cooler Median Shelf Images Courtesy of CAEM, Italy

Coffin Cooler Median Shelf Images Courtesy of CAEM, ItalyCoffin Cases seem on the ebb, but maybe new ways if integrating extra merchandising space might reverse the trend? Coffic Cases can be more efficient because cold air sinks, and the case stays cold more naturally. But powerful vertical selling space is lost, except as here with Median (center island) Shelves. The extra levels of display space provide cross selling opportunities reinforcing case sales. And with Coffin Cases, see how spacious the aisles look. Someone should do a study. Which approach provides more total retailing space, and more important, retailing profit including energy costs, Upright Coolers or Coffin Case with Euro-style Median Shelving. While browsing all photos note the Median Shelf Front Product Stops and blue label strip. Also see the lower shelf is stepped in, under there upper shelf with extends out further.

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Euro Fixture: Coffin Case Cooler Median Shelves
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