Slatwall Squares as Retail Wainscoting

Step-and-repeat slatwall squares form the display surface for truly customized point-of-purchase display fixtures. Here the slatwall is Wainscot because only the lower wall portion sells product on slatwall hooks. The upper portion sells “image” … presenting happy, attractive, well-to-do people all sporting smartphones. Now-a-days your cell phone telegraphs who you are as much as your car or computer. I’m iPhone, Android, Apple and Mercedes … if you excuse the fact that the bank the owns the Mercedes in entirety. I can easily afford the iPhone, Android and Apple. But they were literally throwing Benz’s out the door with no money down, big discounts and low interest payments so we said “what the heck, why not. My previous car was a Honda Fit. Hope you won’t think less of me or my lower-than-appears-outwardly income group.

Follow retail Wainscoting at…
Euro Fixtures™ Diamond Plate as Wall Wainscoting
Slatwall Squares as Retail Display Wainscoting
Wood Wainscoted Pegboard

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For Slatwall Patterns by Title…
Slatwall Squares as Retail Display Wainscoting
Diamond Plate Slatwall
Concentric Ring Slatwall in Vivid Red
American Standard Stipple Slatwall
Twin Faceouts for Unstructured Bags
Slatwall Squares as Wall Pattern
Slatwall Perimeter Rounding
Paper Well-Presented
Tight Cornered Slatwall Pattern
Faux Slatwall, Genuine Hooks
Glass Case Fit Out: Grid Pattern
Super-wide Slatwall Hook
Office Supplies Elevated

Compare Slatwall Art and Finish at…
David’s Bridal® Pale & Greyed Mauve Slatwall
Particle Board Slatwall
Diamond Plate Slatwall
Concentric Ring Slatwall in Vivid Red
Baseball Caps for Football Season
Slatwall Football Scrimmage
Nike® Slatwall Art is Magnetic
Slatwall Pattern Color Vignette
Frank Lloyd Wright Design Slatwall
American Standard Stipple Slatwall
Faux Granite Slatwall in Black

For Slatwall Finish and Pattern resources…
Slatwall Patterns Pinterest Board“ for a visual summary.
Slatwall Patterns Page” for all resources and links.

Slatwall / Slatwire Ledges and Trays…
Slatwall Squares as Retail Display Wainscoting
Wicker Shelves Sell Veggie Sticks
Shutterfly® Advertises on Slatwall
Burton® Branded Slatwire Tray
Reinventing The Slotwall Tray
Narrow Ledge for Slatwall Endcap
Imaginative Backplate Uses
Sustainable Slatwall Shelf
Bath-and-Body Slatwall Trays
Sunglasses By Slatwall Ledge.”
Slatwall Sunglass Ledges x 2
Slatwall or Tower Hat Tray
Simple Extruded Shelf or Tray
Slotwall Shoe Ledges

For all Slatwall / Slatwire Ledges and Trays see…
Slatwall / Slatwire Ledges and Trays Pinterest Board
Slatwall / Slatwire Ledges and Trays Index Page

Slatwall-Slatwire Ledges-Trays

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