The Dicken’s Tavern Provides Wingman® for All

Wingman The Dicken's Tavern, Longmont, Colorado Main
Images Courtesy The Dicken’s Tavern, Longmont, Colorado

Wingman The Dicken's Tavern, Longmont, Colorado OverallNo, not that kind of wingman! The Dicken’s Tavern provides their Wingman in the rest facilities as an amenity. Wingman is a Universal Design toilet seat comfortable for all, but providing extra support and stability for those requiring physical aid. And even if a large proportion of your clientele are not physically disabled, you may want to provide the best, most comfortable amenities to all users. Of course, hospitality retail like a Tavern, may generate their own diminishments in customer capabilities. Help avoid a lawsuit. Provide all who use your establishment with a Wingman in the restroom.

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