Pier 1 Imports® Drawer Pull Cornucopia

Drawer Pull Cornucopia Tower Overall
Drawer Pull Cornucopia Tower Display

Drawer Pull Cornucopia Tower MainA Tower Stand offers vintage style drawer pulls in various styles for you to mix or match. Personally I am a fan of contemporary and modern pulls, but if you are into country, antique, historic or traditional themes, the display might provide endless Mix ’N Match fun. Once you start down that path, the hope is that you will explore all bins and the entire store for other treasures. CLICK the thumbnail for alternate view. Seen at Pier 1 Imports.

Compare and contrast…
Pier 1 Imports® Drawer Pull Cornucopia
China in Vertical Tower
Bath Puff Tower Bulk Bin
Fire Hydrant Bulk Bin Display

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Pier 1 Imports® Drawer Pull Cornucopia
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