Mercedes Benz Star Extra Cost (R-Rated)

Mercedes Benz Illuminated Star Sq
Mercedes Benz Illuminated Star Extra Cost

Mercedes Benz Illuminated Star AuxFor those who love the brand, logo embellished parts are highly salable for Mercedes Benz®. And if you find vehicles not getting out of the way fast enough in the Autobahn Express Lane, maybe you need an illuminated, forward-facing announcement that you are coming .. standard Mercedes Benz hood ornaments are hard to see from other car’s rear view mirrors. Personally, I like the illuminated MB door sill plates, and find the illuminated grill Star a bit garish. No AMG extras are available, however, from the Mercedes Benz Racing Division. That comes directly with the car purchase, an engine signed personally by the mechanic who built it from the ground up. Now that’s a rarified level of branding.

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Don’t Shoot the Messenger on the R-Rated Animated GIF below.
I only report what I see in retail branding
without judgement or taking a moral position.

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