Designer Duck Tape® Rationale

Duck Tape Ring CloseUp
Image Courtesy of Halley’s Duck Tape Queen Pinterest and Amber Evans Design

Duck Tape Ring Overview

I have documented many Duck Tape displays and merchandising fixtures. More and more the brand offers designer patterns and colors. And while I have known of widespread use of Duck Tape for crafts and even mainline retail Wallets, seeing it expand into Jewelry is new to me. No wonder the is an entire universe of color and pattern in Duck Tape now. It drives sales into new craft and hobby areas, as well as decorative everyday uses.

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For Duck Tape® Fixtures by Title…
Space-Saving Duck Tape® Display
Designer Duck Tape® Rationale
Duct Tape® On a Downhill Roll
Same Old Duck® Tape, New Colors
Duck Tape® Creativity Kit & Book
Color Duck Tape Gravity-Feed
Designer Duck Tape Gravity-Feed
Heat Bent Gravity Feed for Duck Tape
Zebra Repair Tape Gravity Feeds
Duck Tape® Your Favorite Sport
Duck Tape® Your Halloween

Compare with Frogtape® and FiberFix®  at…
FiberFix® vs Duck Tape®
Self-Merchandised Frogtape®
Precariously Balanced Frogtape®
Silo Spinner for Frogtape®

For all Duck Tape® Fixtures resources see…
Duck Tape® Fixtures Pinterest Board“ visual summary
Duck Tape® Fixtures Index Page” for all resources

Duck Tape® Fixtures Pinterest Board for FixturesCloseUp

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