FixturesCloseUp June 2015 Traffic Report

FixturesCloseUp June 2015 Traffic Report
FixturesCloseUp June 2015 Traffic Report

Retail fixture interest typically slows for summer, but FixturesCloseUp traffic has bucked the trend with 28,699 Pageviews and 8,929 visitors for June 2015. This is 135% and 119% respectively over June 2014. So fixture business would seem good, though I do see the rate of traffic increase per month slowing as Summer Heat builds and the beach beckons. For now enjoy your Fourth of July Holiday and follow FixturesCloseUp weekend reporting from your Tablet at the shore.

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2 thoughts on “FixturesCloseUp June 2015 Traffic Report

    1. Thanks Clive. My traffic trends might let you see how others are faring during the year. Do fixtures slow down for the UK Summer months? Is December dead but with good traffic in the months before and after? Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

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