Cole Hardware® D.I.Y. Social Media

Cole Hardware D.I.Y. Social Media
Cole Hardware D.I.Y. Social Media
Cole Hardware D.I.Y. Social Media
Cole Hardware 1970s.jpg
Cole Hardware 1970s

What a perfect promotional merger. Cole Hardware® sees itself as the ultimate source for Do-It-Yourself, and Social Media outreach is often a business Do-It-Yourself so Cole jumps right it with their D.I.Y. News Digest. Cole is one of the trendiest, most imaginative hardware retailers in existence, so no wonder they are among the leaders in this type of retail outreach and promotion as well as award winning Window Dressing. Don’t take my word of it. See that their site snagged advertising by Bergdorf Goodman®. How I wish BG they would endorse and sponsor my humble Social Media site here at FixturesCloseUp.

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