Beats® Acrylic Pedestal and Label Holder

Beats Pill Speaker Acrylic Fixtures Main
Beats® Pill™ Speaker Acrylic Display Fixtures

Beats Pill Speaker Acrylic Fixtures AuxGlass containers, packaging and fixtures project quality. Heavy, crystal-clear Acrylic Fixtures are only a small step down from Glass in this Beats® Pill™ Point-of-Purchase Speaker display. An insert helps define the clear Acrylic pedestal, with thick walls conveying solidity and quality. The titled Price Ticket looks embedded in the Acrylic, but actually slides in from the side. Glass would be better, but only slightly so.

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Beats® Acrylic Pedestal and Label Holder
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Beats® Acrylic Pedestal and Label Holder
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Beats® Pill™ Acrylic Pedestal and Label Holder
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