Mitered Movie Endcap Eases Traffic Flow

Mitered Movie Endcap Main

Mitered Movie Endcap AuxA great psychological “easing” of space and access can be achieved with just a small tweak like this. Mitered, round-cornered and gently curved Endcap make an aisle entry more approachable and the Endcap shopper friendly. In this case there is absolutely no loss of product selling space, though I cannot guarantee that in all cases. I don’t think the Round-Cornered Base Deck projection a problem, but with a grant I am sure ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) would come in-store and study traffic flow scientifically for you. CLICK the thumbnail at right for a boarder view.

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Mitered Movie Endcap Eases Traffic Flow
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Mitered Movie Endcap Eases Traffic Flow
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