Free Retail WiFi and How To Access It

Free Retail WiFi and How To Access It
Free Retail WiFi and How To Access It
Free Retail WiFi and How To Access It

Free Retail WiFi and How To Access ItNothing is more frustrating than WiFi that requires a password from Store Staff who never remember it anyway, and it does not easily engage in any event. Here Wegmans Cafe offers the Free WiFi and even tells you how to troubleshoot your access. Instructions are a bit trickily, but I applaud Wegmans for the customer courtesy. In my worst case experience, I once visited retail with 5 active WiFi networks, 2 marked as “public” with no required password, and none worked even after consulting store staff. I had to create my own “Hot Spot” and should have sold the service back to the establishment.

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Free Retail WiFi and How To Access It
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