Vince® Exclusive at Saks Fifth Avenue®

Vince at Saks Fifth Avenue Main
Vince at Saks Fifth Avenue

Vince® (IPO July 2013) goes all out and exclusive with an unusual expansive branded display at Saks Fifth Avenue®. I am not sure what the contraption is but is vaguely reminiscent of exercise equipment to keep Vince® and followers fit and trim. A large-scale activewear designation for the clothing line too. CLICK the gallery for various zooms including Vince and Saks Exclusive Logo designations.

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Vince® Exclusive at Saks Fifth Avenue®
Alexander McQueen® Skull Scarf on an S-Hook
Sak’s® Hangered Scarf Merchandising High-End Look
Sak’s® Scarves Square S-Hooked by Size
Sak’s Spring Topiary Display in Bala Cynwyd
Sak’s Frames High Heels as In-Store Wall-Art
Royalty, Rock Stars and Artists Call Sak’s® Home
Giogio Armani® Lenin Glasses Window Cling
Shop Saks® From Your Restroom Stall
Saks® Very-Senior Staff In-Store
Designer Belts on Lockdown
Saks® Made-Ya-Look Eyewear
Wayfaring on a Shopping Bag
Monkey Tails at the Mall
Subliminal or Supraliminal Retail Messaging
“​Saks® Monkey Tails Revisited

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