Massively Merchandised Warehouse Club Coat Rack

Warehouse Winter Coat Bulk Merchandising 1

Warehouse Winter Coat Bulk Merchandising AuxAs Warehouse Club you might be expected to massively merchandise Winter Wear to this extent, if only to preserve you retail position, name and good reputation. I’m not sure precisely how many colors, styles, sizes and prices are represented, but the display has the effect of communicating that something I need is surely sold here. And what prices can be seen do say “Value.” A very effective and impactful gathering of Winter Wear, but I am sure you agree it says “deep discount” as a merchandising premise. Your approach to communicating value and selection in a non-discount environment would need to be different. CLICK through the gallery for zooms and details of the racking. In particular note the rounded rack corners.

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For Curved Bar and Rack configurations…
Massively Merchandised Warehouse Club Coat Rack
Curved Retail Rack Configurations
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Round-Cornered Bar Merchandiser
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Gently Curved Bar as Clothes Rack
Ikea Pocket Store Curved Rack Decor
Grid Backplate Transforms Display Into Curved Rack

For unclassified curves see…
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For all Curved Display Surfaces research aids see…
Curved Display Pinterest Board“ Visual Summary
Curved Display Index Page” for all resources.

Curved Display Pinterest Board on Fixtures Close Up

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