Alfani® Just-Fur-Fun Branded

Alfani Just Fur Fun Overall
Alfani® Just-For-Fun Branded

Alfani Just Fur Fun CloseupThis “Just Fur Fun” tag lines seems co-opted here by Alfani®, the seen unbranded at other locations in the store. Fur trim on nearby mannequin attire did reinforce Fur as Fun … for both shoppers and Alfani® itself. CLICK the thumbnail for alternate view, then follow “Just Fur Fun” and fur as a theme immediately below. Scroll a bit further to follow Alfani, a Macys® house brand, on FixturesCloseUp.

Follow Fur Fun at…
Alfani® Just-Fur-Fun Branded
Just-Fur-Fun Unbranded

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Trunk Sale of Furs at Neiman Marcus®
Russian Ushanka Faux Fur Merchandising

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Follow Alfani® by Macys® at…
Alfani® Just-Fur-Fun Branded
Alfani® Black-on-White Plush-on-Plush
Alfani® Deep-Dish Shadowbox
Stepping Out With Alfani® Goldtoe Socks
Alfani® Lapel-Pin Bow-Tie Pocket-Square Cross Sell
Alfani® Dress Shirt Multilevel-Branding
Alfani® Fitted Shirt Tower
Alfani® Fitted Dress Form

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