Unbranded Just-Fur-Fun

Just Fur Fun Overall
Just-Fur-Fun Unbranded

Just Fur Fun CloseupA circle of foofy fur balls as trim carries through on the immediate signage promise of “Just Fur Fun.” Fur trim merchandise was near at hand to extend the promise out into the selling floor. No brand laid claim to the tag line so your fur was where you found it in the offerings. CLICK the thumbnail for alternate view, then follow “Just Fur Fun” as a theme immediately below. For more fur and a thread of Fendi goofy look a bit lower.

Follow Fur Fun at…
Alfani® Just-Fur-Fun Branded
Just-Fur-Fun Unbranded

Also follow Fur additionally at…
Trunk Sale of Furs at Neiman Marcus®
Russian Ushanka Faux Fur Merchandising

Follow Fendi® Foofy at...
Fendi® Foofy Shrunken Head
Fendi® Foofy Winter Cap
Fendi Fanciful and Fuzzy
Fendi® Beyond Ear Muffs

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