Nautica® Inverted Baseball Cap Positioning

Nautical Caps Main
Nautica® Inverted Approach to Cap Merchandising

Nautical Caps PerspectiveDo hats and caps, normally for top-of-head use, need to be marketed from a top-of-head position in-store? Here Nautica® violates that premise with below-the-waist and knee-level shelf positioning. I might have hung a cap from the end of the shirt- or a tertiary-faceout or two to capture more attend, but that is just me. What is your opinion. Should headgear be fixtures and merchandised at head height? CLICK through the gallery while you consider the proposition. Seen at a Nautical Outlet Store at The Crossings Premium Outlets, Tannersville, PA.

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Nautica® Hinged Shelf Overlay Sign Space
Nautica® Inverted Cap Positioning

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Nautica® Inverted Cap Positioning
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