Bullseye® as Pose and Post #TargetDog Mascot

Bullseye Pose and Post Square


Bullseye Pose and Post Feature

Bullseye®, the Target® mascot, is perfect enticement for this “Pose and Post” station appropriately located in Children’s Apparel. What kid would not want to be seen with Bullseye, and the internet is the perfect vehicle via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Hashtagged #Targetdog displays are upgraded and changed to suit the season. This one is appropriate anytime with its general theme of “Pose and Post.”

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Bullseye® as Pose and Post #TargetDog Mascot
#GetClassed Back-To-School Mall Display Hashtag
#bullseyesplayground Readability Issues
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Floor Graphic Contest Hashtag
ShopRite® ‘Mobile’ Car Campaign
Snaidero® In-Store Facebook Wall
Hashtag and Atmark Merchandising
Pushpin Hashtag for Retail
Monkey Tails at the Mall
Saks Monkey Tails Revisited

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Bullseye® as Pose and Post #TargetDog Mascot
Polaroid® Selfie Stick Merchandising
Conair® Hair Dryer Christmas Selfie
Littmans® Jewelers Ringwalk Video Selfie
Mercedes Benz® Stocking Stuffer Sales
Mercedes® Selfie Opportunities as Marketing
Bullseye Pose-and-Post #Hashtag
Mannequins Strike Selfie Poses
Red Lab Stools For Back-To-School Retail Selfies
Macy’s® Star Branded Selfie
#KidsGotStyle Photo Op at Target®
My ‘Stach Photo Frame Self-Sell
FixturesCloseUp® Retail Incognito
Shop Saks® From Your Restroom Stall
Valentines Day Hook Up
Store Seating Selfie Spells Romance
Moleskine® In-Store Selfie
#TargetDog Christmas Photo Opp
Return of the Footwear Floor Mirrors
New Slant on Fantini® Retailing
Lord & Taylor® Design Lab

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Follow the antics of Bullseye at…
Bullseye® as Pose and Post #TargetDog Mascot
Bullseye’s Butt in Motion Tail Wag
Target® Bullseye Brand-In-A-Box
#bullseyesplayground Readability Issues
Bullseye’s Playground at Target® #Hashtag
Bullseye Pose-and-Post #Hashtag
Bullseye Branded Winter Scarf
Target® Bullseye Pet Charm
Bullseye Mascot Targets Community
#KidsGotStyle Photo Op at Target®
Target® Bobble-Head Branding
#TargetDog Christmas Photo Opp
Target Patriotic Store Branding
Bullseye Bodega as Rebranding
Bullseye Bodega Reveals Itself.”

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