Mercedes Benz Restroom C-Channel Sign Apparition

The fixture store behind this post is the asymmetric-front-view, arched C-Channel design of Mercedes Benz Manhattan Restroom Sign Holders. That wordy description pretty much says it all, and the gallery of images provides visual details. But see that photography captured a white ghost-like apparition edging in from the sides. I can’t say is this is … Continue reading Mercedes Benz Restroom C-Channel Sign Apparition

Mercedes Benz C-Channel Restroom Navigation Sign

If you dealership or superstore is huge you will need navigation signs and wayfinding aids. Here Mercedes Benz Manhattan provides vital information on the location of their Restroom facilities, necessary because of the long=distance, multi-state draw of customers and the oft encountered rarity of jealously guarded public Restrooms in New York City. The asymmetric, C-Channel … Continue reading Mercedes Benz C-Channel Restroom Navigation Sign

Mercedes Benz Manhattan C-Channel Stair Sign

Signage is consistent (mostly) across the sprawling, multi-story, city-block-sized Mercedes Benz Manhattan facility. Sign Frames and Holders are typically asymmetric in front view. In profile they are arched C-Channel is design allowing the sign message to be inserted customizing communication at that point. Here, obviously, is a Stairwell marker, though given the number of floors … Continue reading Mercedes Benz Manhattan C-Channel Stair Sign

Fizz & Bubble® C-Channel And Shelf Overlay

A custom C-Channel insert is both branded attention compeller and category definition for Fizz & Bubble® Body Wash Kits as Milkshakes. The hand-lettered style and blue color coordination with blue Polka Dot shelf overlay define the space and create a backdrop for product presentation. Follow Fizz & Bubble® point-of-purchase outfitting at… “Fizz & Bubble® Body … Continue reading Fizz & Bubble® C-Channel And Shelf Overlay

C-Channel Equipped Chrome Slatwall Loop Hook

Nothing says high-end like the glitz of Chrome plating. And no label holder system is as venerable as the C-Channel. Put both concepts together on a Slawtwall Loop Hook and you get something quite extraordinary. Step through the gallery of images to take in the sass and style of this one-of-a-kind outfitting. With a storeful … Continue reading C-Channel Equipped Chrome Slatwall Loop Hook

Panera Bread® C-Channel Sign Is No Slouch

The beauty of a C-Channel-style sign mount is that with correctly rigid substrate you can accommodate signage of any size, and reposition and group easily horizontally. Here C-Channel is integrated into the wall Millwork at Panera Bread® to good effect. This season’s promotion is Mobile-Order-For-Rapid-Pick-Up … no on-site waiting. See how the C-Channel is configured … Continue reading Panera Bread® C-Channel Sign Is No Slouch

Coke® C-Channel Frontstops Floor Stand Spinner As Upgrade

A circular Coke Island Spinner requires a substantial Productstop … particularly when it spins. This C-Channel Frontstop is an upgrade from the original Open Wire concept, though still suffering from the stress of use. Click through the gallery of images to consider the joint failure. Also see… “Original Coke® Spinner Wire Frontstop” “Coke® Spinner C-Channel Frontstop“ … Continue reading Coke® C-Channel Frontstops Floor Stand Spinner As Upgrade

Bakery C-Channel Speaks Armenian Better Than You

Informally packed and cooler stacked I would have no idea what this was and surely ignore in-store. But, ah, tagged Lahmaiun via the C-Channel, now you’re talking. Lahmaiun is Armenian Pizza (of a sort). Unknown in my primarily Polish and Italian home town, but world traveller that I have become (laugh), I can interpret the … Continue reading Bakery C-Channel Speaks Armenian Better Than You

Vertical C-Channel Outfitting On A Hardware Hook

Vertical product like long and linear Irwin Bar Clamps, take advantage of a custom vertical C-Channel with pre-printed informational and pricing insert. If you are going to consume Vertical Display Space, why not use it to best advantage with oversize, vertical promotional messaging. Inspect the concept via gallery of image zooms. Follow other Irwin® Clamp … Continue reading Vertical C-Channel Outfitting On A Hardware Hook

Creative Use of Double C-Channel

I see Double C-Channel on Shelf Edge and Hook-front frequently, but rarely see it used to full effect. So try this merchandising trick. Insert Signage or Talkers two C-Channels in width (nominally) for greater impact at the point-of-sale. Individual C-Channels are still available for single-channel-heigh Price and Product Info Labels. A simple merchandising upgrade, that is … Continue reading Creative Use of Double C-Channel

C-Channel Drop-In Sign Holder

Clear Plastic Extrusion on Metal C-Channel Mount allows quick and easy drop-in of Plain-Paper Signs and Talkers. So as here, your fresh fruit salads can get a freshly-worded sign as often as you can dream one up. The Metal Sign Mounts hold the sign away from the Shelf Edge, drop-shadowing and providing additional dimensionality. Just squeeze the … Continue reading C-Channel Drop-In Sign Holder

Ready-to-Go Pre-Printed C-Channel Insert

The grab-and-go clamshell package implies it, but the emphatic “Ready-To-Go“ C-Channel Label Strip in red  outright says it. Messaging via continuous strip also helps define the extent of the category so shoppers don’t accidentally overshoot into the “Some Preparation Required” food groupings. I am sure pre-printed plain-paper inserts like this are available with a variety … Continue reading Ready-to-Go Pre-Printed C-Channel Insert

Wood Replaces Metal C-Channel

Tag channel is one of the most abused yet most seen areas of the store. Worn tired tag channel gives the store a cheap, tired appearance. Here a chain went to considerable expense augmenting the metal tag channel with a wood add-on, However the harsh environment of a cooler even drained the life from the look … Continue reading Wood Replaces Metal C-Channel

Heavy-Duty C-Channel Ledge for Grid

“The medium is the message.” So a stalwart, heavy-duty display fixture helps communicate the heavy-duty aspects of a tool. No wimpy Grid Hardware this. The design even projects the functional lines and safety railing of a building winch scaffold. CLICK the thumbnail for propped shot, complete with heavy gauge cable security tether. Note the C-Channel front … Continue reading Heavy-Duty C-Channel Ledge for Grid

Wood C-Channel in Snacks

Wood C-Channel has been seen in Bakery and other departments where a natural look is desired in support of the merchandise. Here is an execution in snacks, adjacent to fresh produce, not the normal snacks aisle. CLICK thumbnail for a side view up close. This is a good application for pull-out shelves which allow such … Continue reading Wood C-Channel in Snacks

Hardwood C-Channel “To Die For“

This must truly be a classic merchandising fixture.Where in this day and age would you find a thick, hunk of wood like this used as C-Channel. A less generous modern manufacturer could get 2, maybe even 3 thin wood C-Channels out of this material.  CLICK thumbnail for an alternate view of its use in the … Continue reading Hardwood C-Channel “To Die For“

Martha Stewart® C-Channel Wobbler Recycles

There was something elegant about the design of this Martha Stewart® wobbler for C-Channel. Maybe it was the subtle blue tint, or glossy vinyl stock, die-cut corner rounds or or C-channel mount. Also worthy of note is the Recycle logo imprinted upper left. In recycling, every little bit counts, even every Wobbler. CLICK the thumbnail … Continue reading Martha Stewart® C-Channel Wobbler Recycles

C-Channel as Digital Sign Holder Intermediary

Even the most modern of merchandising like electronic price teckets and shelf edge display screen often come to rely upon the simplest of older technologies. Thought this LCD screen and its adjustable forward mount are quite sophisticated, both require the support of a seemingly standard C-Channel interface and traditional Under-shelf bracket. Click through the gallery of … Continue reading C-Channel as Digital Sign Holder Intermediary

C-Channel as Sign Holder Intermediary

It would certainly appear that the ubiquitous C-Channel (Tag Channel) has no intension of fading away. Here a very sophisticated sign holder system uses a C-Channel as the intermediary to attach to a Bottom-Mount Bracket at the shelf edge. Is it a fully-industry standard C-Channel? I would hope so otherwise why reinvent the wheel? And … Continue reading C-Channel as Sign Holder Intermediary

UltraCare® C-Channel Loop Hooks

A unique combination of Slatwall Backplate, Loop Display Hook, and C-Channel Label Holder. You might not think this amalgamation is of contemporary manufacture, but just look at the spotless finishing and nice fit. All hooks outfitted UltraCare® Vacuum Cleaner Bags, so maybe fittings supplied by the manufacturer for a more coherent in-store look. Labels seem … Continue reading UltraCare® C-Channel Loop Hooks